Will Facebook Messenger stop working for you this week?

Popular messaging app Facebook Messenger will stop working for a number of smartphone users this week.

Facebook has announced that the app will no longer run on devices powered by Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier.

Users of iPhone or a recent version of Android don't need to worry as their app won't be affected.

Users running the app on Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier will need to update the operating system to Windows 10 Mobile before updating the latest version of Facebook Messenger.

The social networking platform notified users of the upcoming change effective from April 1 via an email, according to Metro.

"Thank you for choosing to use Messenger. We regret to inform you that since the end of March, the app version you're using is no longer supported and you can no send and receive messages. To continue to send and receive messages from Facebook on your phone, update your Facebook app to the latest version.

Facebook Messenger will be joining WhatsApp and Skype, which ended their support for older versions of Windows Phone earlier.