Who is eligible for loan in UAE?

Never stop to work harder to achieve your dreams. If the financial issue became the hurdle to your success, it’s time to apply for a loan that eradicates this issue. For choosing the outstanding financial company, Loans For Gulf is appropriate. But, you have to know about the complete details of the process and eligibility. This article will give an accurate answer about who is eligible for loan in UAE.

5000 salary loan in UAE Loan

The loans can be any kind of secured & unsecured. Some loans require a guarantor and some do not. All of them have their specifications as well. You can choose according to your need. For instance, if you plan your wedding, you will need a high amount of debt. On the other hand, you will need a low amount for paying bills or the education fees of children. But, one common thing is that many banks offer loans with the criteria of 5000 salary loan in UAE. Besides, there are also other eligibility factors as well as documentation requirements.  

Eligibility Criteria for Loans in UAE 5000 Salary

Before starting the filling of the application, the important thing is to check your eligibility. Every lender will tell you different criteria. Basically, it is the first step. Without checking this step, there is no benefit to doing other steps of filling out and submitting the application. When you will satisfy with the full meet of the criteria, you can apply confidently.   

Age limit 

The teenagers will never get the approval of debts because they are not enough mature to handle the repaying schedule easily. The age of the applicant must be above 21 years. And, the criteria for the maximum limit are sixty to sixty-five years old. A person with 65+ years is not eligible to apply for loans.   


Employment is compulsory to avail the opportunity of the debts. Further, many banks also provide a list of companies in which if an employer works can easily get approval. The listed companies are the top companies and banks show their trust in them as well as the companies’ employers. On the opposite side, many financial institutions and some banks also offer debts to non-listed companies. But, some other criteria are also involved.       

UAE residency or Citizenship

The resident of the UAE is fully eligible to apply for any loan amount. It is the positive point that enhances the chances of quicker approval. However, now most of the expats are also living in UAE. Many financial institutions only offer loans to the resident of the UAE. For solving your problem if you are an expat, you can also apply for the debt at Loans For GulfTherefore, anyone can happily live there without the tension of a financial crisis.   

Minimum salary 

The minimum salary every month is a part of eligibility. The lender will tell you about what is the requirement for a minimum monthly salary. If your salary is above the limit, you can freely apply it with the confidence of getting approval quickly. Many set limits of at least 5000 AED. In case, any applicant’s monthly income is lesser, then find other loans that are with low monthly income eligibility.

The availing of a Loan in UAE is easier if you meet the above-mentioned criteria. Then, your next step is to apply it. In general, the mode of application is online. Just comfortably sit in your home, and fill in all the basic details. After filling, now collect all your documents and attach a copy of every document. The forms also the mentioning of required documentation that we will also describe below. Thus, your focus is only on planning which amount of debt is suitable for you and also on the repayment duration.   

Documents Required for Loans in UAE 5000 Salary

This section is for knowing the required documents. The meaning of required document submission is that they have to submit it compulsory. With missing any of the documents, the approval process will get delayed.  

ID Proof 

The ID proof is to make sure you are living in the UAE. To provide valid proof of your identity, you will need to submit copies of your passport & visa. In addition, some lenders give loans just on the basis of Emirates ID.    

Residency proof  

With ID proof, now the next requirement is the proof of residency. In general, the resident visa is enough to show this proof but it must be valid. It will help you in getting a quick response from the lender.

Bank statement 

The purpose of the bank statement is to know about the hard-working nature of the borrower. The statement must be from the last three to six months. If you have a one-year-old bank statement, it is not useful. Get the new one, so a lender tracks the history of your earnings. It also shows the regular monthly income.   

Salary certificate 

The salary certificate contains all the details of the salary per month. This kind of certificate mentions the gross & net amount of your salary. The lender will decide how much amount give to you as debt accordingly to this certificate.

Salary transfer letter 

This document is an optional one. Many lenders demand this letter and many do not. So, read the terms about knowing if this document is required or not. Most personal loans will only avail the salary transfer letter submitted.

Above all of these are the essential documents. Without them, you will not get a chance to manage your finances through the loans. During the application process, you must have all the documents. So, time will not waste. After the submission of the form with all documents, the lender will verify them. In case there is no issue visible in the verification process, you will receive the approval notice.    

Tips for instantly getting the Loan in the UAE

Getting a loan with a limit of 5000 AED salary monthly is not impossible. Lenders set this criterion of monthly income but there are some tips that help in availing the loans instantly. If you want to get quick results of the approved application, follow the below tips:

Compare prices 

Visit different lenders and know about the loans with their specific interest rates. It helps in knowing if the repayment amount is in your budget or not. If you pay easily, the lender will happily offer you the best debts.   

Terms and conditions 

All loan providers have different terms and conditions. You have to read every part, so you will aware of interest rates, charges, and tenure. If you think everything is excellent to solve your financial issue, quickly apply for a loan.   

Insurance terms 

After approval, the lender will give you the insurance terms. These terms all other specifications like secure payment, credit insurance, etc. To get the benefits, read out all the terms.    


The loan is a perfect tool to eradicate the financial problem. No one can stop you from obtaining the debt amount of your choice if you meet the eligibility criteria. Official websites of lenders give you all the information about applying for different kinds of loans. You will only need to check the conditions as well as interest rates. And, choose the repayment duration wisely.