Pakistani man misses wife, forces emergency landing

Travelling to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan, a newlywed Pakistani man has gone viral after pulling off a stunt in true Bollywood style.

The Sheikhupura man, on his way to Saudi Arabia to start a job, apparently was missing his newlywed wife so much that he forced the Shaheen Air flight to turn around, reported.

Flights are not known to turn around unless there is a technical difficulty, medical emergency or an unruly passenger on board, but in this case, the flight was dealing with matters of the heart.

So how did the man convince the plane to turn around?

He lied to the airplane staff and crew about his wife passing away.

According to reports, the man - indentified as Irfan Hakim Ali - started throwing tantrums shortly after the plane took off from Lahore. Standing on his seat, he started screaming that his wife had just passed away and he wanted the plane to land again.

Moved by the emotional outburst, the pilot decided to land the airplane.

However, upon inquiry, it was later found that the guy's wife had not died and instead he was just missing her.

On landing back, the newlywed confessed that he had lied and that he was instead missing his wife and wasn't yet ready to go to Saudi Arabia, leaving her behind.