Brand names you are probably pronouncing wrong

With many malls and smaller boutique destinations, the UAE has turned into a haven for shoppers. Deals and sales take place here with amazing regularity. And the number of brands opening their stores in the UAE continue to grow phenomenally.

Some brands - due to their immense popularity - have entered everyday lexicon . We often find these brands being frequently mentioned - almost everywhere. Some shining examples include Apple and Toyota. These two brands are easy to pronounce. However, some popular brands are difficult to pronounce properly, thus we end up pronouncing them the wrong way.

Here are 10 brands you'd find in UAE malls that you've been mispronouncing.

1. Nike

Correct pronunciation: Nai-key

Often pronounced as: Naik

2. Givenchy

Correct pronunciation: Jhee-von-shee

Often pronounced as: Gi-ven-chee

3. Hermés

Correct pronunciation: Air-mez

Often pronounced as: Her-mees

4. Adidas

Correct pronunciation: aah-dee-das

Often pronounced as: uh-deed-aas

5. Porsche

Correct pronunciation: Por-shaa

Often pronounced as: Porsh

6. Christian Dior

Correct pronunciation: Kris-cheen Dee-or

Often pronounced as: Kris-tian Die-or

7. Louis Vuitton

Correct pronunciation: Lui Vee-taahn ('n' trails off)

Often pronounced as: Luis Vee-ton

8. Yves Saint Laurent

Correct pronunciation: Eve San Lo-ron

Often pronounced as: Ves Saint Lau-rent

9. Volkswagen

Correct pronunciation: Foks-va-gun

Often pronounced as: Voks-vag-en

10. Renault

Correct pronunciation: Re-no

Often pronounced as: Re-nault