5 places in Dubai where you can pay with Nol card

Dubai Metros and buses are hands down the easiest and cost effective mode of transport in Dubai.

What makes it convenient to opt for them is the Nol Card, the automated pubic public transport payment solution. Once you have a Nol card, you can zip across the city without any hassles. But there are many more places where you can use your Nol card. Do you know them?

Next time you forget your wallet or bank cards, don't worry. As long as you have your Nol card handy, you are covered.

Go through our list to know more:

1. Payment at retail stores

The RTA recently expanded Nol payment options for retail purchases. You can now make payments at 1,000 outlets across the city. It was earlier possible to make payment at Zoom stores at metro and petrol stations since April this year. The RTA plans to add 5,000 retail stores by year end.

2. Hop into Dubai buses, trams, water buses

This information is strictly for the new expats in the city as the seasoned ones know it already. Do you need to take the metro and then Metro feeder bus to reach your destination. Don't break a sweat! You can swipe the same Nol card and travel without buying any separate ticket. The city is divided into seven zones and each zone contains metro station, bus stations and water bus stations. So, you can make the whole journey by making one payment.

3. Pay for your cab fares

Next time you sit in Dubai taxi and don't have change, don't worry. You can just make the payment with your Nol card. Bear in mind, you will be charged a nominal service fee of Dh1 on your transaction. You will be surprised at the number of transactions users made using credit/Nol cards from January last year until end of April this year - 590,585 transactions. So, go ahead and join the tribe.

4. Entry to Dubai Parks

Entering the Mushrif Park in Dubai has become easy with your Nol card. In May this year, the Dubai Municipality inaugurated smart gate at the park allowing visitors to use Nol card to enter the park. In the coming months, Zabeel Park, Mamzar Park, and Creek Park can also be accessed with Nol card.

5. Pay for your parking

Your pre-paid Nol card can be used to pay parking fees in all paid parking zones in Dubai. Just insert the card in the parking machine slot and purchase a ticket for your parking.

Wondering which is the perfect NOL card for you? Let RTA help

There are four types of Nol cards - Red, Silver, Blue and Gold. In case you are confused on what card is best for you,