5 easy ways to get fit in Dubai in 2018

That extra flab you have suddenly put on after shifting base to the UAE has many villains: Unhealthy lifestyle, frequent food takeaways and lack of exercise being the biggest ones.

If staying healthy is your resolution for 2018 -- like ours -- we have some quick tips that can help you transform into a leaner version of you.

All you need to do is make some simple changes in your life. Read on:

Healthy bites over shawarma

Why opt for a takeaway meal when you can toss healthy meals at home? Sure, it means a bit of effort but it is better than picking up a shawarma on the way home.

Walk into any supermarket in Dubai and you can see a long aisle of salad section, right from tabbouleh, peeled fruits to salad boxes. If cooking isn't your thing, at least replace your shawarma with healthy bites.

Top 6 fitness myths to bust in 2018

Too hot to exercise

It is better you don't give this excuse for not exercising during the summer months. Dubai has a plethora of options, like swimming, aqua biking, paddleboard yoga, aqua zumba, and there are well-equipped gyms every few kilometres in the city. Pick your sport and start sweating it out.

Run to fitness

With the Dubai Marathon to be held this month, you might have spotted many runners on the tracks. Dubai boasts of great tracks across the city. Pick your option from Al Safa park, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, Jumeriah Corniche and many more.

Skip the car

It is common for most new expats to buy a car within the first year of shifting base to Dubai. While it is understandable that you don't want to walk when the temperature is over 40 degree Celsius in Dubai, you surely can skip the car on a clear day.

Want to go to the nearest supermarket or reach a metro station, walk your way instead of hopping into a vehicle.

Gaining weight in UAE? Here's why

Cycle your way

The most common excuse that residents have about not clocking in even 30 minutes of exercise is lack of time. If good health is your priority this year, then making time for some daily exercise should be in your things to do list.

How about you cycle your way to work, at least during the pleasant winter months? Apart from being a fun exercise, you are also working out these lazy muscles you are gifted because of your desk job.


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