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Dubai is home to an exciting, diverse, multi-cultural blend of young, dynamic and professional people all enjoying the unrivalled quality of life the Emirate has to offer. It is of absolutely no surprise therefore that Dubai has the fastest growing population in the world.

More and more people emigrate to the city for quality of life, outstanding employment prospects and to experience the very best in the world of work and lifestyle.

One of the most immediate and attractive aspects of working in Dubai is that fact that there are no personal taxes levied against income from employment. This is not as an incentive to attract foreign investment; it is long established fact and policy because direct taxation is against the traditions of the entire United Arab Emirates. This means that if you work in Dubai you will enjoy and benefit from your entire salary, you will have considerably more disposable income than you are used to, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the offshore financial world and you will be able to afford a lifestyle that others can only dream of.

Many expatriate forums on the internet feature similar threads where those considering taking up an offer of employment in Dubai ask whether life really is as good as it looks and as good as the media portrays it in the Emirate, and time and again, without fail the answers will come back from expatriates who have already made Dubai home that 'yes, life really is as good as it gets!'

Booming industries in Dubai include telecommunications, information technology, construction, engineering, oil & gas, media and medicine and they all afford their employees significant disposable income. However, if you want to get the most out of your time in Dubai financially speaking you might like to consider the financial services industry.

Those who reside in Dubai are in a position to take complete advantage of all the offshore investment world has to offer them to make their hard earned tax-free income go even further. But they require the advice and on-going services of independent financial brokerages; therefore the wealth of opportunity available to good financial advisers is outstanding. As a result, the limited number of independent financial adviser positions available in the financial services industry in Dubai are highly prized.

For a financial brokerage to legitimately operate within the Emirate they have to be strictly licensed, this places a direct restriction on the number of brokerages who can operate there. Naturally enough this places a restriction on the number of adviser positions there are, but as stated the opportunities for an adviser are fantastic and the job is one worth aiming for if you consider yourself to be a dynamic sales-person, determined and driven by hard work, results and rewards.

When asked what to expect from working life in Dubai, there is no way to generalise. Working hours vary from industry to industry but are never exploitative, pay scales also vary depending on the nature of the job with manual work and lower ranking employment opportunities actually paying well because of the nature of the work involved. High ranking jobs and industries attract significant salaries as well as attractive benefits for staff. Issues relating to holiday entitlement, employee rights, overtime pay, sick and maternity leave are all well regulated, documented and strictly enforced meaning that the employee is generally very well looked after.

If you work in Dubai you are likely to enjoy an excellent working environment with modern, futuristically equipped spacious and comfortable office spaces, many dining opportunities and excellent transportation the norm across the city. After hours the expatriate can enjoy the shopping, nightlife, sports, recreational facilities, tours & excursions, outdoor activities and water sports Dubai is equally famous for.

Families relocating to the city will find rental accommodation fairly easy to secure and always of incredible quality, and since Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom the crown prince of Dubai granted foreign property ownership rights back in 2002 those who are enjoying substantial tax free incomes can now buy their very own piece of the Emirate. Property in Dubai is not only currently widely available, of incredible quality and style but it is also an excellent commodity in investment terms with prices increasing significantly year on year and supply limited by the physical geographic restrictions of the city.

If you have children and would like them to be education in one of the many schools in the city, securing places can be tricky but not impossible. The educational standards are most definitely better than in most other schools worldwide, just as the medical facilities available in Dubai are some of the best in the world as well.

If you're considering Dubai for your next assignment what's stopping you taking the plunge?

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