Understanding Different Types of Loans: Personal, Auto, Mortgage, etc.

Loans give you financial support when you decide to achieve different aims in your life. Without taking the right loan, it becomes impossible for you to meet your goals because of a lack of financial stability. There are different loan types that are for the providing of finances as per needs. But, first of all, you should understand all types of loans. When you will know these types, you will enable to choose an accurate one accordingly to your financial requirement. Loansforgulf provides these loans by giving information about their features to their clients. So, the company gains more trust from the borrowers when they take a loan with an easy way of repaying.    

Different types of loans

In UAE, all financial institutions offer different loan types. The purpose of every type is to meet the borrower’s needs of finances. Here, we will explain the top best types of loans that are basic and many individuals choose them in their lives.   

Personal Loans

A personal loan is completely different from others. It is because of the reason that it is not specific to use for only one purpose. You can avail of this debt from any bank & online lender. The repaying includes monthly installments with a fixed APR. Most personal loans are without the requirement of any collateral. It means they are kind of unsecured debts. Some borrowers have bad credit scores, so they choose secured personal debt. Some common purposes to use this debt are:

  • Paying bills or educational fees

  • Expenses of traveling

  • Home renovations

  • Cost of wedding event

  • Need expenses in any emergency situation  

Auto Loan

 With an auto loan, you can purchase a new/used model of a car more easily. The debt amount depends on the vehicle that you want to purchase. The repayment duration is in between 12 to 84 months with a fixed rate of installments.    

In Dubai & UAE, the lenders give this debt on the basis of credit score. For excellent scores, they do not require collateral. On the other hand, the applicants with lower scores get an option of secured auto loans. In this case, the collateral is the vehicle that a borrower wants to buy. Moreover, for the calculation of monthly payments, the lenders provide the service of an auto debt calculator.  


The purchasing of a new home is costly in every country. Therefore, it requires a large amount of funds. Such a debt does not need collateral because the property you buy will act as collateral. In case of missing monthly payments, the lender may take action against the borrower. In general, this loan is with a longer duration of tenor such as 10, 20, or 30 years. However, you can also select tenure of shorter periods. Throughout the period, the interest rate is the same for every installment.       

Many lenders may charge additional charges such as origination fees. But, the financial company Loansforgulf transfers the debt amount to the borrower’s account without demanding any fee. So, this company is worthier because of not enhancing any sort of financial stress on borrowers.

Student Loan

This type of loan is specifically for students who face difficulty in paying their educational fees. In contrast to other debts, the students are eligible to apply for it. The debt amount covers the expenses of fees, buying of books, etc. It comes with both interest rates of fixed & variable.    

The banks also give this debt to all students but with the fulfillment of all eligibility criteria. On the opposite side, private lenders provide the amount by checking credit scores. All lenders’ terms are not the same. So, check it is compulsory for knowing the interest amount with payments

Home Equity Loan

 Another sort of mortgage debt is a home equity loan. In general, its repayment duration is from five to thirty years. The payments must be regular to avoid the situation of penalty charges for late or missed payments. Your purchasing home also acts as collateral. It means it is a secured debt. The creditors approve this loan on the basis of the applicant’s profile. For instance, the prominent criterion is the debt-to-income ratio. The ratio should be low in order to meet this criterion.  

Payday Loans

One of the short-term loans is a payday debt. It comes with the highest interest rate. Due to the high-interest rate, many borrowers avoid it. But, the approval of its application request is quick. The repayment period must be from 2 to 4 weeks.  

This debt does not require the checking of credit scores. That’s why it is attractive to satisfy the borrower’s needs. If you face rejection of getting other loans, you should apply for payday finance. In addition to banks, credit unions also offer this.  

Debt Consolidation Loan

This loan is a sub-kind of personal finances. It is made the reducing the financial burden of borrowers who have to take a lot of debts with high interest. Credit cards or other loans are with higher interest rates. So, obtain this loan to consolidate all previous existing debts.     

The consolidation debt means you will pay only one loan provider. When you pay credit card debts, it will enhance your credit score as well. There are excellent terms of repayment. So, the borrowers pay off the amount conveniently.       

Small business loan  

Whenever you want to expand the growth of your business, you should avail a small business loan. Most entrepreneurs choose this debt amount to the purchase of any equipment or investments. Usually, it is with a higher maximum amount to obtain.    

One of the factors that all lenders consider is the requirement of collateral. Besides, the creditors check the credit score, working experience of your company, etc. After meeting the factors, you are eligible to get the debt.

The bottom line

Choosing any type of loan requires good credit scores from borrowers. It increases the chance of getting quicker approval when you apply. Before applying, you should check the lender’s terms of eligibility for a particular loan that you want to avail of.