Mortgage loan in UAE

One of the ideal ways to purchase a new home or any other property in the UAE is to avail a mortgage loan. The borrowers get a large amount of debt from the lender and then repay the amount in monthly installments. Besides purchasing a home, this loan amount can also be used for home renovation. In every individual’s life, owning a house is their basic goal. This goal can easily be achieved through financial help from UAE’s financial institutions. Mortgage loans are an impressive option for borrowers because of their favorable terms. Its paperwork is effortless and you will complete the process of applying very quickly. Loansforgulf provides the best options for mortgages, so you will choose as per your financial convenience of repaying.    

Features of Mortgage Loan in the UAE

Because of so many features of mortgage loans, it becomes a worthwhile choice for all individuals who want to buy their own new homes. If you also want to purchase a dreamy home, choose a mortgage that comes with numerous beneficial features.    

Loan amount: 

The amount of this debt covers up to 80% of the property’s value. The amount is higher for higher eligibility of applicants. For instance, with the specifications of a good credit score and high monthly income mentioned in the application, the lenders offer higher funds.  

Repayment tenure: 

As compared to all other loans, the mortgage comes with a longer duration of repayments. In UAE, the lenders allow the repaying of debt for up to 25 years. The best way to decide the tenure is with the consideration of your financial situation. And, it is wiser to check the interest rates in different options of tenure. 

Processing fee: 

In UAE, the banks charge processing fees to all individuals. This fee is not higher and it is just 1 percent of the total debt amount. However, Loansforgulf does not charge any processing fee and even provides higher mortgage debts with lower rates.     


Your eligibility is increased if your application form of mortgage is with the feature of co-applicant. The lender verifies the financial situation of the co-applicant as well. It enhances the chance of availing a loan with lower rates. 

Interest rates: 

The competitive interest rates in UAE are because of so many numbers of financial institutions there. Every lender tries to offer the mortgages with the competitive rates of interest. This rate can be fixed & variable depending on the borrower’s personal choice. Always choose a rate that is suitable for you to pay off.  

Eligibility criteria: 

Every lender sets eligibility criteria and it is compulsory for borrowers to meet these criteria to get debt approval eligibility. Some of the common factors of eligibility are monthly salary, employment history, nationality, etc. 

Major advantages of mortgages: 

In addition to features, the advantages of mortgages are also various and every advantage proves that this debt option is the right choice for borrowers. 


It is an easier way to get ownership of a new home without facing the financial burden. We can say that managing of financial budget is not tough even the purchasing a new home. This healthier investment option is with the quality of long-terms.  

Affordable repayments: 

All over the United Arab Emirates, individuals choose this debt option because of affordable monthly repayments. It means that you will easily make your financial budget and then conveniently pay down the installments per month.  

Flexible tenure: 

The flexible tenure gives you the best advantage of selecting the tenure period of your own choice. If the tenure is longer, the monthly installments are lower and the paying off is much simpler.  

Reasons to use a mortgage loan calculator 

The mortgage loan calculator is most amazing to know about the complete details of monthly installments. Here, we will tell you why you should use this calculator before applying for a mortgage debt. 

Help in planning of finances: 

The mortgage calculator assists you in planning your finances because you will get a clear idea of repayments per month. You will make your financial budget accordingly and then you will easily repay the debt amount.    

Saves time: 

The calculator gives the instant results of the debt’s repayment amount with no requirement of your efforts. It will do the calculation process automatically. All borrowers utilize this way of calculation instead of manual calculating. It is a completely effortless procedure and you will only need to mention the debt’s details on this tool.  

Compare different mortgages: 

The comparison between the mortgages is only possible when you online calculate the monthly installments of different mortgages. The mortgage calculator provides the instant results of debt repayments of different lenders. With the help of this financial tool, borrowers can not only make repayments but also many other debt terms such as interest rates. 

Good for the choosing of tenure: 

The mortgage calculators assist you in the planning of tenure. You will know how much you will pay off the interest within the whole tenure. As a result, you can easily choose the tenure which is great for knowing the overall monthly installments with the interest rate. 

A mortgage loan is excellent for buying a house but you should use the debt calculator before availing it. It helps you in availing a loan with lower rates and longer tenure. Paying off monthly repayments is also not difficult when they are lower and you will make a good budget of finances.