Dubai personal loan without salary transfer

In Dubai, personal loans are the most demanding because of their versatile use. Borrowers choose this loan type for meeting any of their financial needs. But, many banks offer it with the compulsory step of salary transfer. Many individuals do not willing the transferring their salaries. For clients’ convenience, the Dubai personal loan without salary transfer is available.

Before applying, you must know about the entire lender’s terms especially the point of salary transfer. The financial company Loansforgulf’s loans are of different types with impressive terms. You can select which is suitable for your budget. So, from taking a loan to pay off the amount, you will not face any difficulty. It is essential to know about the eligibility criteria for applying. Therefore, your application will not reject. In addition, choose an interest rate that is not higher.    

Interest rates of personal loans without salary transfer

First of all, you have to decide the amount that you want to borrow. After then, there are options for two types of interest. In Dubai, almost every lender offers loans with different types of interest. Likewise, non-salary transfer loans also come in two sorts of interest. These interests are:       

Flat rate: 

Another name for flat type is common as a fixed rate. The calculation of this interest is on the basis of the complete debt amount. After every monthly payment, the debt amount decreases. But, the interest rate will remain the same which will decide when you receive the fund. Not all lenders are with the same percentage of interest. However, the range is from 4% to 7%. Many factors have also impacted it including amount, salary, etc.   

Reducing rate: 

With the use of an outstanding amount of debt, this reducing rate calculates. When you repay the payments, the interest rate reduces. It is not the same all-time in the tenure. After every installment, the amount of payments decreases because of decreasing in interest amount. But, the continuous paying of installments is much more important. In general, its range is from 8% to 20%.  

Specifications of a personal loan without salary transfer

There are numerous specifications of non-salary transfer loan. Due to these specifications, this loan becomes much more popular all over Dubai. You should also know them, so you will feel easy in choosing this loan. No doubt, you can solve your problem of finances by taking off this debt.      

  • You get a chance of applying at least 150000 AED. Maximum debts are good for those applicants who have a good & steady source of income.

  • For every individual, the interest rates are competitive and easier to pay down with debt.  

  • The refunding of a loan becomes easier due to a longer tenure as compared to other loans. This personal loan is for both long and short duration. The maximum tenure for the high amounts is at least 48 months.  

  • Just like no requirement for salary transfer, there is also no demand for collateral from the lender. Collaterals give security to lenders that applicants are trusted individuals for the paying off. But, many lenders such as Loansforgulf require no collateral from the clients. They check the applicant’s financial profile.   

  • The processing of the application is fast because of not complicated paperwork. Such a kind of paperwork requires a shorter time for applying. Moreover, the time for giving approval is also shorter.  

  • In Dubai, the borrowers also have the choice of Islamic finances. The positive side of Islamic finance is that it is with no interest rate but with profit rate.

Ways to use a personal loan

Every borrower has different needs for financial use. For meeting every individual’s need, the lenders in Dubai offer personal finances for using any financial need. If someone has to burden existing debts, he can consolidate his all debts with the use of this debt amount. In our vacations, we all want to make a plan of trip with our family & friends. But, it is not possible without taking extra finances as debt. Moreover, you can easily modernize your old home that looks too beautiful. Just like modernizing a home, you can also buy a new one.   

The wedding event is with a large cost of finances. Thereby, the availing of the loan helps in arranging the event of your big day. Parents pay off their child’s educational fees on time with it. If you require emergency help with finances, personal debt is good to choose from. In short, you can use the debt amount for any purpose.  

Eligibility Criteria of personal loans with no salary transfer  

Meeting eligibility criteria is important and especially when you choose a non-salary transfer debt. The factors of the criteria are:

Monthly salary:  

The monthly salary is different for every bank’s conditions. For higher amounts, your salary must be higher as well. But if you apply for low amounts, there is no requirement for a higher salary. However, most lenders require a minimum of five thousand AED for a monthly salary. Furthermore, the income source must be steady. So, lenders get a surety the applicant is a trusted person.     


Age is the most common factor that is almost the same in every lender’s terms. The minimum age for applying is 21 years. If you are below 21 years, you cannot apply for this loan. This minimum age limit is the same for both ex-pats & nationals. But, the maximum age is different. If you are an ex-pat, the maximum age limit will be 60 years for you. However, this limit is 65 years for a national.     


For getting a loan with non-salary transferring, the employment of applicants is compulsory. Unemployment applicants are not applicable to avail of a debt. Both salaried & self-employed applicants are eligible to apply.   

Company listing: 

In Dubai, the lenders have a list of listed companies. These companies are exceptional and so their employers are also trusted. So, personal debt without transferring your salary is easily provided to the applicants of listed companies. On the other hand, the employers of non-listed companies can also apply if they meet all other eligibility criteria.         

Work experience: 

For non-listed companies, the applicants’ work experience matters a lot. The working history must be longer to get a chance of instant approval. Many lenders’ criterion for an applicant’s work experience is at least six months in a company where he is currently working.    

Required documents to obtain the personal loan

After checking out the eligibility criteria, now you have to know the required documents that are mandatory to attach to the application form. These documents are:


You have both ways of online & offline to submit the form of debt. Choose a way that is without any complications for you.    

Employment proof: 

As you know that employment is essential. So, there is a requirement for proof of your employment with the application. For this proof, the job confirmation letter is helpful that shows the applicant’s employment status. Moreover, you can also attach a salary slip.     

ID & Address: 

All the applicants need to provide their ID & address to the lenders. But, if you are an expat, you will require submitting a copy of your residence visa.  

Bank statement: 

The bank statements show the financial status of an applicant. When you apply for the loan, you have your bank statement for the past three to six months. Besides, some lenders demand more submission of documents. You have complete details of the lender’s requirement for documents.    

Calculation of EMI

Now, the calculation of EMI becomes very easier with the help of an online loan calculator. Every lender has their official website. You can check the lender’s services as well as a calculator for calculating EMI. The online services are for not consuming the borrower’s time. Before applying, you have to know the EMI of the debt. The factors involved in the EMI are debt amount, tenure & interest rate. You will need to add information on all of these factors. Then, the calculator will do the calculation of EMI.  

Additional benefits

Besides all the specifications, low-interest rates, and versatile usage, there are also various additional benefits. You will get access to all these benefits when you take a debt. The outstanding benefits of personal loans in Dubai are:    

  • Without transferring salary, the time for the processing is also shorter. In just a few minutes, you will apply. And in only one to two working days, you will receive the fund. Even, some lenders require only a few hours to give approval.

  • When you apply or receive debt from a bank, they will also give you permission to use an ATM anywhere in Dubai.    

  • Now in the digital world, banks & lenders also use digital apps for giving online banking services. The user-friendly application is for conveniently using anytime & anywhere.  

  • Just because of transferring non-salary personal finances in Dubai, life becomes much easier for everyone. Individuals get a way to manage their financial lives more easily. According to your financial need, you can apply for it.